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My name is Deanna Ries, I am a Qi Gong Instructor.  I love Qi Gong because it has given me back my life. Due

to a number of health issues, I was forced, at one time, to retreat into survival mode.  Living my life but 

not really, how I wanted to live it.  It has been through Qi Gong that I have learned to live my life again, with

purpose and passion.  Through the self-discipline and inner-strength required, I have moved towards being a

healthier, complete, confident individual.  Qi Gong has changed my life.  Teaching Qi Gong absolutely lifts me

to another level. To be able to help other individuals experience the joy I experience brings happiness to my heart.


I have been studying Qi Gong for more than 10 years, have been teaching throughout that time and have loved

every minute of it.  I have completed Qi Gong Levels 1 and 2 Instructor Certification through Master Lee Holden

from Santa Cruz, California.  The areas of focus in my Qi Gong Certification Training have been the Five Elements,

the Six Healing Sounds, Inner Smile Meditation, Three Treasures, Iron Shirt Qi Gong, Medical Qi Gong, Microcosmic

Orbit, Meridians, and Acupressure Points for Self-Healing.  I participated in Spring Forest Qi Gong Training by

Master Chunyi Lin and have completed 4 levels of training.  I teach group Qi Gong Classes as well as offer individual

private sessions. I look forward to continuing my Qi Gong Journey, through my personal Qi Gong practice, teaching

and furthering my studies.


My Qi Gong Studies


Training that I have taken


Qi Gong Instructor Certification Training from Master Lee Holden, Santa Cruz, CA


Spring Forest Qi Gong Training with Master Chunyi Lin, Kris Zimmerman and Munira Jiwa


Qi Gong Workshops by Grandmaster Mantak Chia Universal Healing Tao in Asheville, NC


Qi Gong Workshops by Master Marie Favorito in Mars Hill, NC


Qi Gong Workshops by Master Michael Winn in Mars Hill, NC

Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Practicing Qi Gong


- Pain management

- Greater flexibility

- Relaxation

- Sense of contentment and peace

- Relieve stress and anxiety

- Better quality of sleep

- Improve body's immunity and resistance

- Improve metabolism, digestion, and elimination 

- Balanced energy

- A more youthful appearance

- Increased strength and vitality

- Increased awareness and mental acuity

- Restore organs to their healthy, optimal functioning

- Improved breathing

- Relieve and prevent headaches and migraines

- Improved circulation

- Many, many more health and wellness improvements

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Medicine Hat, Alberta


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